“Whoever controls the media controls the mind” – Jim Morisson


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Touchpoint services include variety to adapt ever changing client needs, challenging environment in the field of Research, Media & communication, Creative & production, Marketing & digital Marketing, CSR, PR & events, Display & gifting and sales activation solutions.

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The experienced, professional, multi-cultural and bi-lingual caliber at Touchpoint positioned us as a preferred market research company for many local and international clients.

Businesses must consider not only on their profits but also the effects of their activities on society. The main reason is that business and society are deeply and dynamically interdependent.

Sales promotions have long been used tactically to increase customer retention, acquisition and sales. Managing promotions with Touchpoint enables cost effectiveness to run your campaigns

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At 360, the staff is committed to add value to the clients’ business by providing years of expertise with elite quality marketing strategies to offer communication solutions.

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